May 14, 2012

About appropriate reading and school spirit

So, two different ideas today:

1. Going through volume 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince. Ron is snogging girls now, what's next?
In my head, I keep thinking that this is not appropriate for my 12, 13 years old students but then I remember that at their age, in Romanian school, we were reading books were people were screwing behind the stove in the same room with the girl's drunk sleeping father. And this is something we had to read for our exams, it wasn't something I would smuggle out of the library. Details about the book, here, though it's in Romanian. So I guess a little kissing in Harry Potter is ok.

2. I really really want to play Quidditch! These guys do, I wish I studied or taught in a school as cool as this!

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