May 9, 2012

Politics and the Glass Elevator

As promissed, I return with a few notes on politics and politicians as depicted in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.
Brief introduction: Willie Wonka's extraordinary means of transport, the Great Glass Elvator, is supposed to bring all of Charlie's family into the chocolate factory, where they would live happily ever after. Hysterical Grandma Georgina causes the Elevator to go off track and ends in Earth's orbit, on collision course with the Space Hotel.
As in most American movies, when something reaches orbit, it means NASA, it means Houston, we have a problem, the President of the USA gets in the picture, there are aliens, intervention teams, conspiracy theories etc.

President Lancelot R. Gilligrass is one ridiculous little man with a hero's name who carefully led through his decisions by Miss Tibbs, his nanny, now holding the position of Vice-President. He is also counselled by the Chief of Army, those of the Naval and Air Forces, a sword-swallower from Afganistan, the Chief Financial Adviser, the Chief Spy and his cat, Mrs. Taubsypuss.


The President to his Chief Spy:
'Knock-Knock', said the President.
'Who's there?', said the Chief Spy.
'Courtney who?'
'Courtney one yet?', said the President.
Gilligrass calls Premier of USSR, who is called Yugetoff (ha!)
'Knock-Knock', said the President.
'Who`s there?' said the Soviet Premier.
'Warren who?'
'Warren Peace by Leo Tolstoi.' said the President.
Calling the Premier of China, How-Yu-Bin, the US administration dials the wrong number a couple of times:
'The country`s so full of Wings and Wongs, every time you wing you get the wong number.'
Finally, the President gets to talk to Assistant-Plemier (no typo!) of China, Chu-On-Dat
'Knock-Knock', said the President.
'Who der?'
'Ginger who?'
'Ginger yourself much when you fell off the Great Wall of China?' 

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